Entertainment & Fun!

With these 3 evenings, and these 36 hours of social dancing cumulated, the Savoy Cup is a must-see event of lindy-hop in France.


Our Artists

The 2017 teachers line up of Savoy Cup.


Juan & Pamela

Juan hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been a leading proponent…


Soochan & Hyunjung

Soochan Lee is a Korean swing dancer, instructor, choreographer, and the…


Alice & Remy

Remy Kouakou Kouame fell into the Swing Pot at an early age. As an established…


Hector & Sonia

Hector and Sonia, both Spanish and Lindy Hop teacher on a regular basis…


Gaston & Alba

Gastón “Gas” Fernández is a professional dancer and dance instructor, based…


Nicolas & Mikaela

Mikaela grew up with a love for music and dancing. As a child she had a…


Our Workshops

The classes levels of Savoy Cup are based on the best dancers of each level. We strongly advise you not to over-evaluate yourself at the risk of not taking pleasure during the different lessons.


You master your basic steps in 6 and 8 counts on different tempos, come extend your dance in this accessible level if you have a good year of practice.


10h30-11h30 :
Jazz steps in your Lindy / Gas & Alba
How to use Jazz move in your Lindy

11h40-12h40 :
Strech & Momentum / Soochan & Hyunjung
Master your stretch for a great connexion

12h50-13h50 :
Cool Rhythms / Remy & Alice
Discover some very cool rhythms to incorporate in your lindy


10h30-11h30 :
Musicality with Band / Hector & Sonia
Musicality class with live music

11h40-12h40 :
Syncop / Juan & Pamela
Learn how to master syncopation

12h50-13h50 :
Charleston Moves / Remy & Alice
You’ll learn some partner charleston moves


You like to attend different festivals to keep on progressing, you have been dancing Lindy hop at least for 2-3 years, this level is for you.


10h30-11h30 :
Rhythms & Time / Hector & Sonia
Keeping timing and control different rhythms at same time

11h40-12h40 :
Dips & Triks / Gas & Alba
Flashy move that you can always do in social dancing

12h50-13h50 :
Creativity / Soochan & Hyunjung
How to work your creativity and develop ideas


10h30-11h30 :
Clear & Powerful / Juan & Pamela
Keys to master your dance and your body

11h40-12h40 :
Musicality with Band / Remy & Alice
Musicality class with live music

12h50-13h50 :
Syncop & Space / Nico & Mikaela
Play with syncopations and space


You expect being pushed during the classes of the festivals that you attend ! Good luck, and come challenge yourself in this difficult level.


10h30-11h30 :
Power Moves / Soochan & Hyunjung
Learn a badass move

11h40-12h40 :
Slides / Nico & Mikaela
Discover different slides to incorporate in your dance

12h50-13h50 :
Highlight in your dance / Juan & Pamela
How to emphasize some movement that’ll make you shine


10h30-11h30 :
Crazy Rhythms / Remy & Alice
Experience some crazy rhythms

11h40-12h40 :
Contrast / Hector & Sonia
Different ways to bring contrast in your dance

12h50-13h50 :
Musicality with Band / Juan & Pamela
Musicality class with live music


Our Contests

Many competitions already seen all over the world, our different divisions will show you the essence of swing, mixing magic, entertainment, creativity and sharing.


Our Bands


Our Partners

The whole team of Savoy Cup thanks the partners of this new edition. Without your help, nothing would be the same. A big thank you.

jazzrootsOliv Wan

Based in montpellier, this wonderful artist will transport you to his world thru his wonderful paintings of famous dancers and jazz musicians.

Vin SinnVin Sinn Shop

Your international online shop for vintage-inspired styles.
We offer a fine selection of items for men and women, including clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts and much more. Suitable for Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and Collegiate Shag dancers, for vintage lovers, for any festive occasion or for your day to day wear…
Here at ViNSiNN you will find vintage-style clothing that allows freedom of movement and is very suitable for dancing.

jazzrootsJazz Roots Festival

After a 2016 edition of craziness, we are already in preparation for the 2017 edition. So we decided to create the event early then you can save the dates 😉 We will keep you informed of the updates. Easter weekend 2017 is : 3 days of workshops, parties and many surprises..

Vin SinnL’écureuil à plumes

Welcome to the Squirrel! Creation of accessories and handmade jewelery, made of feathers (of French origin), pearls, wood, fine and precious stones, metals, and a lot of love!