Egle & Martynas

Martynas Stonys and Egle Regelskis are one of the leading Lindy Hop couples in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since opening Hoppers’ dance studio in Vilnius Martynas and Egle are making the Lithuanian swing dance scene thrive. Besides teaching they are running Hoppers’ dance studio and swing dance events with the goal of helping new Lithuanian swing dance talents emerge.

Dancing was always in their blood. Both tried Ballroom and Folk dances. As soon as they found Lindy Hop, they knew that was what they were looking for. Now they can’t stop moving. As soon as they hear a good song, no matter it is swing, salsa, funk, hip-hop or house, they start dancing, cause they love good music.

Since 2010 they’ve been travelling abroad to teach in various swing events. In classes they combine fun, great teaching, dance technique and help you enjoy dancing more than ever! Both of them believe Lindy Hop is a dance where two dancers move their bodies, a ect and inspire each other. Leading and following would be rarely mentioned in their classes, but lots of eye-opening ideas will be spread.

Known for their technicality and energy in their dancing, they already have won a few Lindy Hop Strictly and Jack’n’Jill competitions all over Europe.

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