4/5/6/7 April 2019

The Champions Cup will be one of the most prestigious competitions in the Lindy Hop community. The final of this competition will take place at Savoy Cup, 4/5/6/7 of April 2019.

To participate in this competition you must win your spot during our qualifying events which are happening all over the world, at some of the best and already well known festivals.

Calendar 2018/2019 

Harlem Vilnius – May 17/20

Championnats Swing Canadiens Montreal – May 18/21

Chase Heidelberg – June 14/17

Herrang Sweden – July 2018

Balkan Lindy Hop Championships Plovdiv – September 28/30

Swingtime Ball Beijing – November 05/11

Lindy Focus Asheville – Dec 26 / January 01

The Snowball Stockholm – Dec 26 / January 01

The Battle Toulouse – January 11/13

Rock that Swing Munich – February 28 / March 03

Rules of the Final

Rule 1


The competition will be in three steps. First two are in a battle mode and the last one – the final in a spotlight format.


Rule 2


Each couple will battle each other on a fast tempo (between 220 and 230 bpm) doing 2 choruses (16 eights) each taking turns and finishing with an all skate chorus. So total 3 choruses per couple per battle.

Rule 3


The battle is going to be in a limited space, so watch out of not moving too much if you prepare some choreo.


Rule 4


No holds barred, aerials and dips are allowed, prepared sequences as well.