FAQ Savoy Cup


* Do I have to register with a partner ?
> Only if you take classes, to avoid having a waiting list and too many people alone in order to have quality classes. So we ask you to find someone to register with,otherwise we will not be able to validate your registration. For Parties, you can register alone.

* What is the validity period of my registration ?
> You have 10 days to pay and find a partner once your registration form has been sent.
Watch out, if you register alone, pay and don’t find a partner within 10 days, your registration will be cancelled and 90% of your sum will be refunded.

* How can I pay ?
> By bank transfer to the following account :

IBAN : FR76 1333 5003 0108 0033 5925 631        BIC : CEPAFRPP333

By Paypal (4% of the sum will be added at your expenses)*
* Is it possible to pay for my full pass or party pass now, and register later for competitions ?

> Yes, through the registration form for the competitions, on the registration page

* Under what conditions can I be refunded ?
>>If you cancel your registration :
-Between the 20th of November 2018 and the 3rd of March 2019, 50 % of your payment will be refunded.
-After the 10th of March, there will be no possible refund.

There is no possibility to get refund for competitions.

* Is it possible to give away/sell your pass ?

> Yes, subject to a mail of information at « savoycup@gmail.com » indicating your registration information and the contact details of the person getting your pass.
Caution : in the case of a full pass (including classes), it is not possible to give your pass to someone who doesn’t have the same dancing role (lead or follow) so that we can maintain equal balance in classes


* Access to competitions is possible only if you have at least a party pass. Having only a day pass does not allow you to compete (except for Team City Battle and Chorus Line)

* There will be a check-in every day before each competition. Every absence at the check-in will cancel the participation in the competition

Note that for couple or team competitions, only one person is needed to check-in to validate the registration of the couple or team. Numbers and order of the heats will be distributed.

* How can I send my music (couple routine/chorus/cabaret) or my videos (vintage routine) ?
> You can send your music and videos to the following address, song.savoycup@gmail.com before the 24th of March 2019. If the file is too heavy, a dropbox will be available in the following weeks. Please send your files in compatible and light format (Mp3, M4A. Avoid Flac or wave)

Please indicate the following information when sending your file : (Name of the competition) (Name of the couple/Team) (name of the music/video) Example : [Chorus-The Harlem Hot Shots-Sunny side of the Street]

* How are prelims carried out ?
> There will be no prelims for team / team city battle / cabaret/ chorus line and vintage routine divisions.

For the Mix & Match division, judges will observe and judge along different heats depending on the number of participants. Competitors will dance during 3 songs : Medium, Slow and Fast and with a different partner for each song. The Semi Final will happen in the same format.

For the Strictly Division, Prelims will happen in the Classic format. However, semifinal for each division (open or advanced) will happen in a KO format, 1 couple VS 1 couple, randomly drawn.

For the Jazz roots/Charleston, Prelims will be in a small heat format, then semi-finalist in the advanced division will battle each other partnering with someone random in format 2 vs 2. In the Open Division, There will not be any semi-final.

All finals will be in the classic spotlight format.

* How to decide if I should register for the open or advanced level ?
> The Open level is for people who have never competed, or have competed a little and never got significant results
>> The Advanced level is for people who are more used to competing and have made it to the finals in the past. Please remember that nothing is stopping you if you want to register in the advanced level and challenge yourself ! Beware however because the opposite is not possible, and no well known dancer will be accepted in the Open level (Teachers, advanced dancers) In addition, all finalists from the previous years must register in the advanced division.

* Are all those competitions going to take over the social dancing?
Well thought ! Thus, for anyone who do not want to watch competitions (which would be a shame, it’s gonna be some amazing show !) and continue to dance, or for competitors who want to practice, 2 rooms with wooden floor will be available during the whole event, enabling you to dance from 2pm till 4am !

The venue

* The Pasino has three rooms, with this capacity :
– a small room of 100 m², with 60m² of wooden floor
– a medium room of 350m², with 200m² of wooden floor.
– a big room of 1200m² with 800m² of wooden floor.
To guarantee all necessary comfort for dancing !

* The casino is located in « La Grande Motte », by the sea ! Thus the venue is surrounded by restaurants, along the harbor and by the sea. In addition, the casino has a restaurant (Hippopotamus), as well as a bar.

* Regarding accommodation, many hotels are close to the venue for maximal comfort. Think as well of Airbnb and couchsurfing options. In addition, a FB page will be available for local dancers who are willing to host foreign dancers. Don’t hesitate to ask as well on the FB page “Lindy Hop Montpellier” to get hosted by local dancers.

* There is a shuttle from Montpellier airport to « la Grande Motte »
Bus line 106 can take you there from downtown Montpellier (Watch out, the last bus is at midnight). More information on http://www.lagrandemotte.com/Menu/Infos-pratiques/Acces The FB page of the event can be used for carpool request !


* I want to be a volunteer, is it possible ?
> Yes ! We are looking for volunteers who will be assigned different tasks : reception, competitions, set-up, merchandising, etc… Before, during and after the event (with some possible need on Thursday and Monday for the wooden floor set up and crash down).

* What benefits ?
> A free Party pass and no charge for meals. There will be no offer or discount for the competitions. Savoy Cup does not take in consideration hosting and travel cost. If you’ve already paid for your party pass and your application to be a volunteer has been accepted, you’ll be of course fully refunded !

* What amount of work ?
> 6h/day, to be able to have optimal shift schedule so that everybody can enjoy the parties !

How to apply ?
> Send an email to « Savoycup@gmail.com » with « {Volunteer + Family name / Name] as subject and write a little speech about you, your experience in volunteering, events and your skills that we could use (mastering excel, handiwork, decorating, driving license…) so that we can assign you a task according to your skills.