2022 – Artistes – Joyss


JoYsS is a Jazz, Contemporary, Swing and Hip Hop professional dancer. He took acting classes at the school of art “la Comète” in Paris. He won 1st place at the Solo jazz Contest at Paris Jazz Roots Festival 2015, and 1st place in the Solo Charleston division at ILHC 2015. He is one of the most accomplished dancers in the international swing dance scene. For him, the body is like a stringed instrument. Each of these strings are feelings (sadness, happiness, melancholy…) and we have to learn not to be afraid of them in order to play the best melody… to be a “HEARTist”. In his classes he emphasizes improving his students movements by teaching how to better understand their own bodies, which helps growing as a dancer, because it fosters coordination, balance and expression. This in turn helps improve their musicality and capacity for improvisation, and to never lose the pleasure of learning – skills absolutely crucial for every dancer. And yet dance is not his only professional activity! He is the artistic director and founder of the award winning company Cie ULTIME and a music composer.

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