2023 – Artists – Nils & Hyunjung

Nils & Hyunjung

Nils Nygardh was born and raised in Mora, Sweden. He is a country man who moved to a big city to learn drums. Passionate about art, he always tries to develop his cultural universe. This is how he puts himself at Lindy-hop at the end of his adolescence. Nils is so motivated and determined that he trains in the studio very early in the morning and leaves very late at night. He is a big fan of Earl Bostic and Count Basie, besides his interest in music is felt in his dance. As a drummer, he is also trained in tap-dancing to understand the rhythms. Nils travels around the world for quality education.

Hyunjung Choi is a swing dancer, teacher and choreographer. She studied traditional Korean dance and then various types of dance, such as sports dances and classical dance. She started and was fascinated by swing dances in 2005. She competed internationally and managed to acquire different titles … She won the «Hellzapoppin contest Frankie 100». Since then she teaches all over the world to make discover her unique dance! She is a passionate dancer filled with positive energy.

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