2024 – Artists – Joyss


Jean-Charles aka JoYsS is well known for his multi-artistic experience. He originally comes from the Hip-hop Culture, where the mission of every dancer is to raise your own style and respect all inspirations without taking off any nature of it. His purpose is not to dance swing with “modern moves”… He just comes with his own experience, challenges himself and try to level up exactly like the old school dancers did in the golden age, like if they never stopped dancing until now. Through his numerous teaching and training courses all over the world, his famous performances like the “Drunk dance on Take Five”, his winning of the 1rst place solo Charleston at ILHC 2015 in Washington DC(…) He is today one of the most accomplished French figures on the international swing scene. Beside all of this, he has his own signature move in the video game Fortnite by Epic Game, he worked for artists like Rita Mitsuko, Mika, La Femme, or even prestigious brands like Hermès or Tommy Hilfiger. He is now doing chores for Caravane Palace concerts and Movie clips, and part of the cast of the Fashion Freak Show by Jean-Paul Gauthier.

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