2024 – Artists – Karl

Karl Brochard

Karl started dancing at the age of 9, inspired by the Michael Jackson steps he saw on TV, and continued this passion in elementary school until today. He took hip-hop dance classes at renowned schools such as Studio Harmonic, Juste Debout School and Tony Maskot. His aim was to learn the basics of dance in depth.

In 2019, an unexpected encounter with swing dance, in particular the charleston, marked the start of an exciting adventure. Since that first spark, his enthusiasm for this dance has never left him.

For the past two years, he has been sharing his passion by giving swing lessons in the heart of the capital, at specialized schools, abroad and in the provinces. His experience has been enriched by his participation in numerous competitions, which has strengthened his teaching approach.

For him, two key principles guide his teaching: kindness towards his students and the creation of an environment where everyone can enjoy fully each session.

His relationship with swing dance evolved far beyond a chance encounter in 2019. He has embarked on a journey of sharing and passing on his passion, rooted in values of mutual respect and shared pleasure.

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